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We are focused on Bakery business! and so do we expect from our core team, i.e. focussed experience in this industry. People with in-depth experience and breadth of knowledge are our valuable asset, these are the people enabling us to deliver what we promise.


We are driven by passion, passion to succeed, passion to be number 1 in our industry, passion to deliver great products and quality service to our valuable client. Last but not least, passion to build and retain great team. Are you ready to join us with that kind of passion?



We strive to keep a team that has knowledge of and is proficient in a wide range of specialist techniques to produce and decorate confectionery and our other range of products. An artistic talent and gastronomic flair alongside the ability to work effectively is at heart of the team.


Collaborative teamwork makes part and parcel of our organisation. From Experienced chefs to after-sale customer care, and every unsung hero in between has been playing crucial role in our journey to date. We understand 1 and 1 combined in right conjunction make eleven!

Currently no jobs are available. However if you wish to send us your CV, please see HR contact information below:

Contact HR Department
Unit 4, Perivale Park,
South Horsenden Lane,
Greenford, UB6 7RL

T: 020 8998 1026