Debaere are a delight to do business with, not least because of the sheer quality and consistency of their patisserie.

Bayley & Sage

We’ve been using DeBaere for several months and the quality and service which started off very well has just got better and better. We love selling all their products – from morning goods to bread to cakes! It’s a pleasure to do business with them.


Debaere have been supplying our baked goods for almost a year now and our students love them. We actually started out on a trial basis but they have been so popular that now we just couldn’t imagine the school without them. Debaere are a pleasure to work with, they take the stress out of everything, delivering fresh goods every morning at a very reasonable price.

Wimbledon School of English

I love the way that you work with me to create exactly what I need. Whenever we’ve been stuck in a rut due to mis- ordering, or just running out of product you go the extra mile to ensure our delivery comes in.

Burger Fi UK

We were pleasantly surprised at the ease in which they handled all of our tricky obstacles in terms of delivery times and quantity. In just four weeks, our pastry sales had doubled and our customers were thoroughly impressed with the freshness and quality we had managed to obtain on a daily basis. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough and their professionalism throughout the entire company is outstanding.

The Fifth Taste