Gluten Free Passion Fruit Loaf

Gluten free Madeira sponge topped with passion fruit cream cheese and finished with passion fruit pulp


Caster Sugar (21%), Gluten Free Flour (13%), Whole Egg (12%) (Eggs), Unsalted Lactic Butter (9%) (Milk), Soured Cream (7%) (Milk), Lemon Juice (7%) (Sulphur dioxide), Full Fat Soft Cheese (6%) (Milk), Mascarpone (6%) (Milk), Passion fruit Puree (4%), British Icing Sugar (4%), Water (3.5%), Lemon Concentrate Puree Boiron (2%), Passion Fruit With Seeds (2%), Sliced Almond Extra Thin (1.5%) (Nuts), Baking Powder Gluten Free (0.4%), Orange Zest (0.2%), Salt (0.1%)