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Celebration Cakes

This generous cake is big enough to feed a crowd and is a combination of all our favorite summer ingredients: strawberries, Victoria sponge, meringues, fresh cream, white chocolate and buttery.

Orange Polenta Celebratory Cake (CAK206)

Orange flavoured Polenta Cake topped with a Soft cheese Icing


Full Fat Soft Cheese (Cream, Water, Skimmed Milk Powder, Buttermilk Powder, Modified Starch, Culture, Sea Salt, Preservative: E202) (14%) (Milk), Mascarpone (40% Fat Cream, Milk Protein Concentrate, Citric Acid) (14%) (Milk), Unsalted Butter (12%) (Milk), British Icing Sugar (9%), Gluten Free flour (Flour Blend (Rice, Potato, Tapioca, Maize, Buckwheat)) (7%), Free Range Whole Egg (6%) (Eggs), Rapeseed Oil (No Additives) (6%), Caster Sugar (6%), Polenta (6%), Trimoline Lebbe (4.5%), Whole Milk (4.5%) (Milk), Water (4%), Orange Concentrate (Concentrated Orange, Acidifiant: Citric Acid, Orange Essential Oil) (3%), Decorgel Neutral (Glucose Syrup (contains sulfites), Water, Gelling Agents: E440(ii) - Pectin, E401 - Sodium Alginate, E407 - Carrageenan, E415 - Xanthan Gum, Acid: Citric Acid, Natural Apple Flavouring, Acidity Regulators: E331(iii) - Trisodium Citrate, E341(iii) Tricalcium Phosphate, Preservative: E202 - Potassium Sorbate) (2%) (Sulphur dioxide), Gluten Free Baking Powder (Raising Agents: E450i, E500ii, Rice Flour) (0.8%), Orange Flavouring (Flavouring Preperations, Natural Flavouring Substances, Flavouring Substances, Water, Thickener: E415, Acidity Regulator: E330, Preservative: E202) (0.2%), Salt (0.1%), Natural Yellow Powder (0.1%)

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