Mini Coffee Éclair

Freshly baked choux buns filled with espresso coffee cream and topped with coffee icing


Water (28%), Double Cream (Milk) (18%), Fondant (sugar, glucose syrup (wheat), water) (14%), Whole Egg (12%), Crème Custard (sugar, modified starch, whey powder (lactose, milk protein), Milk powder, vegetable fat, Thickener (E263 Callciumm acetate, E339 Sodium Phosphates, E450 Diphophates) Milk Protein, Gklucose SDyrup, Emulsifier (E471, E472), Flavourings (E101, E106b) Salt)(8%), Unsalted Butter (Milk) (6%), Whole Milk (5%), Bakers Flour (Gluten from wheat ) (3%), Plain Flour (Gluten from wheat ) (3%), Coffee Extract (concentrated coffee extract, caramel, water) (0.9%), Milk Chocolate Drops (Milk, Soya ) (0.9%), Caster Sugar (0.7%), Dark Chocolate (Soya) (0.3%), Instant Coffee (0.2%), Salt (0.1%)