Elegant layers of almond and pecan sponge, freshly sliced pears, delightful caramel mousse and rich dark chocolate mousse


Caster Sugar (21%), Whipping Cream (Milk) (17%), Egg White (15%), Decorgel Neutral Fruibel (glucose syrup (Wheat), water, pectin, xanthum gum, natural apple flavouring, potassium sorbate) (14%), Pear Halves (12%), Egg Yolk (11%), Cocoa Powder (4.5%), Water (2.5%), Dark Chocolate (Soya) (2%), Unsalted Butter (Milk) (0.4%), Fish Gelatine (Fish, Sulphur Dioxide) (0.3%), Coffee Extract (concentrated coffee extract, caramel, water) (0.2%)