Caramel Macaron

A caramel coloured macaroon shell with a  white chocolate and caramel centre

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Whipping Cream (24%) (Milk), British Icing Sugar (17%), Caster Sugar (17%), Ground Almond (17%) (Nuts), Free Range Egg White (12%) (Eggs), Caramel Compound (3.5%) (glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, water), Water (3.5%), White Chocolate Drops (3%) (cocoa mass, sugar, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter soya lecithin, natural vanilla), Cocoa Butter (1.1%), Glucose (1%) (wheat), Trimoline (1%) (inverted sugar syrup), Natural Vanilla (0.3%), Cocoa Powder Fat Reduced (0.2%)