A dark chocolate mousse topped with a whipped cream and covered with a chocolate glaze.


Whipping Cream (38%) (Milk), Caster Sugar (20%), Egg White (12%) (Eggs), Dark Chocolate (11%) (Soya), Egg Yolk (9%) (Eggs), Cocoa Powder Fat Reduced (3.5%), Decorgel Neutral Fruibel (glucose syrup (Wheat), water, pectin, xanthum gum, natural apple flavouring, potassium sorbate) (3%), Water (2.5%), White Chocolate Curl (Milk, Soya) (0.3%), Vanilla Mauritius (0.2%), Glucose (0.2%), Trimoline (inverted sugar syrup) (0.2%), Fish Gelatine Healan (0.1%) (Fish, Sulphur dioxide)