If a recipe calls for brown sugar and you don’t have any in your cupboard, don’t worry, you can make your own with our easy recipe! It couldn’t be simpler to make your own Brown Sugar, just mix together sugar and molasses or treacle.

A little bit about brown sugar; Brown sugar is naturally moist, so using it will result in baked goods that are softer and moister. Also, your baked goods may come out darker than you would have expected if you use brown sugar in place of granulated white sugar




Light Brown sugar


    • 1 cup (240g) white sugar
    • 1 teaspoons molasses (treacle)



Dark Brown sugar

  • 1 Cup (240g) white sugar
  • 2 teaspoons molasses (treacle)



  • Combine sugar and molasses or treacle in a mixing bowl. Using your fingertips rub in the molasses until the molasses is completely incorporated and the sugar turns brown.
  • Store in an air-tight container and it will last for months. Because of the moisture, brown sugar has a tendency to clump together, to prevent this add a slice of white bread in the container and that will keep the sugar dry and fine.

Now you have your brown sugar recipe, you are ready to go a whip up some gingerbread biscuits, a pecan pie or some simple brown sugar cookies.

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