De Baere Customer Service Charter

We promise that we will be honest, open and transparent in everything we do.

Our customer service charter is a series of promises that our different teams want to make to you as part of our collective commitment to deliver excellence and joy to all our customers. Of course, we are human, so mistakes will happen from time to time – but, when they do, we will always do what we can to put them right as quickly as possible, and with minimal fuss and inconvenience to you.


We are an equal opportunities employer that is dedicated to continuously striving to hire, train, develop and retain the most talented people – for every single employee role at Debaere. We know how important the happiness of our staff is to the success of the company and the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we do everything possible to create a safe climate and supportive culture in which they can enjoy their working environment as much as possible.


We will deliver all our baked goods to SALSA standard as an absolute minimum. We will look for areas to improve everything we do as part of our ongoing policy to achieve the highest possible accreditation. We will produce all our offerings to our own recipes and methodologies. We will ensure weights and measures are as accurate as possible, and that the highest quality ingredients are used. We will ensure that equipment is clean before it is used. We will develop exciting, tasty new products on a regular basis to ensure we remain at the forefront of global baking trends.


We will ensure that all customer orders are packed according to individual customer requirements and to our own very high company standards. We will make sure that we only pack products that are fit for purpose. We will double check to make sure that all orders are correctly packed before they are approved for delivery. We will ensure the most effective stock rotation.


We will do our very best to deliver your order within the agreed time frame. We will ensure that your order reaches you in the same condition that it leaves our kitchen. We will report any ad hoc problems we encounter on a daily basis (such as an alarm going off, a missed time window or damaged goods) to ensure we improve the service we provide.


We will ensure all departments are trained to the highest possible standard. We will ensure all raw materials are maintained according to our strict company policies, and recorded on our robust stock management programme at all times. We will ensure all product specification sheets are correct and up to date. We will work with health and safety officers to create the most hygienic environment possible.


We will always process your order in a timely fashion and double check the details at all times. If a mistake is made, we will do everything possible to correct it as soon as possible, with minimum inconvenience to yourself. We will let you know as soon as possible if we are unable to fulfil an order. We will ensure all problems are resolved in a positive, helpful and professional way within one working day.


We will keep all your information in a secure and safe. We will update your account on a daily basis and ensure that any credit notes are issued within one working day. We will put your needs first and seek to understand your individual circumstances before taking any action.


We will hold ourselves personally accountable for ensuring that your relationship with De Baere is as positive as possible for the lifetime of your relationship with us. We will do what we say we will do. We will agree a mutually acceptable deal that is fair and reasonable. We will work in close partnership to determine the best selection of our patisserie, bakery and viennoiserie offerings that are right for your business. We will update you about any new goods we create on a regular basis, including product development and seasonal offerings. We will acknowledge, understand and overcome any problems you tell us about within one working day. We will provide a professional and personable service.


We will have the needs of a successful customer-centric business at the forefront of everything we do. We will invest in the best systems, standards and processes, and provide appropriate training for all our people. We will ensure our team provides clear and correct information to all our customers at all times. We will conduct all our business dealings with integrity and honesty. We will ensure that every customer is treated equally, and we will be fully accountable for ensuring the best possible delivery of our customer service charter at all times.